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4.1 Add a new "Street" page type

If you look in the "Directory" box, you'll see a new section:

 Please try them out and let me know if you spot any problems.


Most welcomed and useful addition.


If anyone has previously made a Place page for a street, please let me know in a comment here, and I'll convert it to be a Street page instead.

Hi David,

please convert

Harcourt Road https://gwulo.com/node/44817

Barker Road https://gwulo.com/node/33440

Hanoi Road https://gwulo.com/node/31637

Reagards, Klaus

P.S. Are junctions of roads "streets" or "places"?

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for these links. I've converted them to Street pages - please could you edit them to add in the route of the street, which replaces the outline you'd used before.

Junctions are still Places: a point on a map is a Place, a line on a map is a Street.

Regards, David