Hanoi Road (was East Road) [1893- ]

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Short road between Carnarvon and Mody Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. Originally, the road extended to Chatham Road. When Mody Road was built, the easternmost part of Hanoi Road was added to Mody Road.

Report of the Director of Public Works for 1892 (from 7th February, 1893)

126. Kowloon New Roads. Detail plan and estimates were laid out before a meeting of the Public Works Committee held on the 23rd of May for the construction of Des Voeux, Granville, Cameron, Carnarvon, East and Middle Roads, also for the construction of roads south of Inland Lots 525, 574, 609 and 442. These were unanimously approved and a contract (No. 16/1892) was entered into with Mr. KUN LAM for carrying out the proposed works.

127. The roads when completed will give easy means of access to many new Inland Lots, and Des Voeux Road, 45 feet in width skirting the western shore of Hung Hom Bay, will doubtless be a popular resort for the residents in Kowloon.

128. During the year 400 linear yards of the sea wall protecting Des Voeux Road have been completed and backed up the formation level of the new road.

129. The improvements to East Road have been practically completed and the construction of Cameron, Carnarvon and Granville has been commenced.


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