Barker Road [1898- ]

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Named after:

George Digby Barker, a former military commander and acting administrator of Hong Kong between May and December 1891.


Barker Road is a street on Victoria Peak from the Old Peak Road  to Peak Road. It has a length of about 1,7 km.


 1897: work commenced (see comment)

1898: Barker Road opened (see below).

Source: Hong Kong Government Reports Online

Note: Barker Road originally started at the junction with Plantation Road (see report above), just above Peak Tram Station.

Later, the part to Old Peak Road was renamed from Plantation to Barker Road.

 Other points of interest:

Peak Tram - Plantation Road / Barker Road Station [1888-]

Victoria Hospital [1903-c.1947]


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Construction began in 1897, and was reported in the PWD's annual report for that year:

51. Road from Plantation Road to Magazine Gap:- Operations were begun early in October for the construction of this road, and substantial progress has already been made with the western half of it. It was deemed prudent to concentrate the contractor‘s energies on this portion during the dry season as it practically overhangs the Peak Tramway for some distance and, owing to the steepness of the hillside, involves some heavy cutting and the construction of retaining walls. The road will be 15 feet wide and will have a gradient of about 1 in 40 for the greater part of its length, the steepest gradients being about 1 in 20 for comparatively short distances.