4.3 Relatives, including siblings | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

4.3 Relatives, including siblings

I've updated the Person page to show a list of that person's siblings, eg see the page for Christina SHEWAN

It looks at the current person's parents, compiles a list of all their children, then shows them ordered by their date of birth.


I found that different children of the same parents would show different numbers of siblings. It happens when, for example, person A only lists the father as a parent, person B only lists the mother, and person C lists both mother and father.

Person A would show C as sibling,
person B would show C as sibling, but
person C would show A and B as siblings.

So now we do two sets of lookups. Starting from a Person:

  • Find their parents (at this point we might only know one of the parents)
  • Find all their children
  • Find all their parents (now we will definitely know both parents)
  • Find all their children

This looks to work better and show the same number of siblings for each member of a given family. But, if you find any cases that aren't showing what you expect, please let me know in the comments below.