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Kung hei fat choi!

Oink, oink ...

Close-up of pig in Ma Hang squatter area


Kirstin's photo is a good one to start the year of the pig. Kirstin lived in Stanley in the late 1970s, and took this photo of one of neighbouring Ma Hang's pig farms. Anyone who lived in Stanley at the time won't forget the terrible smell when the wind was in the wrong direction.

Another group of Hong Kong residents with pungent pig memories are those who lived near the original railway line. Pig trains ran along those tracks, bringing live pigs from China all the way south to the city.

IDJ shared this photo of a pig train being unloaded, and notes: "Anyone who has lived near the KCR will no doubt be familiar with the overpowering smell of the regular pig trains passing by on their way to the unloading point at Homantin under the Princess Margaret Road viaduct to the tunnel. Especially if you happened to be on the platforms of the enclosed Mongkok station. Thankfully they no longer operate into the city. "

Fragrance Express-KCR pig train


Of course those pigs didn't have a long stay in Kowloon, as their destiny was the dinner table. On that topic, readers have much happier memories: crispy roast pork, cha siu, sweet and sour, and all the other delicious pork dishes served in Hong Kong. There's cha siu and roast pork on sale in this 1981 photo from Andrew:

Butcher shop


Best wishes to Gwulo's readers and contributors for a happy, healthy (and fragrant!) year of the pig,



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