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Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Best wishes to you and your family in the year of the rooster.

Trademark - "Cock Brand"


This rooster comes from a 1930s application to register it as a trademark. He was to be used "in respect of Raisins, rolled oats, canned sardines, canned abalone and pearl barley". Quite a versatile fellow!

I like looking at the old trademark designs. Some are simple but effective, like this design for bottles of Toilet Water:

Trademark - Toilet Water


While others look to have scrimped on the artist's budget:

Trademark - Biscuit and Cake


Would that encourage you to buy "all kinds of biscuit or Chinese Cake"?

One group that could clearly afford good artists were the tobacco companies. The British Cigarette Co. Ltd registered 14 different designs on one day, including these:

Trademark - Stag Cigarettes


Trademark - Motor Cigarettes


Trademark - Parasol Cigarettes


If you'd like to see more of these old trademarks, visit the HKGRO website and search for trademark. There are lots more to enjoy.

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