Fragrance Express-KCR pig train

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:52

Anyone who has lived near the KCR will no doubt be familiar the overpowering smell of the regular pig trains passing by on their way to the unloading point at Homantin under the Princess Margaret Road viaduct to the tunnel. Especially if you happened to be on the platforms of the enclosed Mongkok station. Thankfully they no longer operate into the city. 

Date picture taken
15 Jun 1980


Thanks for posting IDJ.

Perhaps I can add a little more.

These pigs are lucky, because they are protected by CAP 169A which deals with imported animals, and birds – cruelty etc. The Ordinance states that pigs shall be kept in pens not exceeding 40, and the space entitlement for each pig is 0.17SqM. That’s 28SqM for 40 pigs.

Now consider, bicycles, tricycles, quad cycles, cars, civil aircraft, goods vehicles, public buses and so on, and they are all covered by Laws or Conventions for passenger and driver seating capacity.

The only major transport item not offering any legal protection against cruelty to humans is Mass Transport.

If you have a moment to visit this URL you can read how the MTRC fudges its way around the problem.

Dave W