New on Gwulo: 2018, week 15

Submitted by David on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 16:00

A summary of what's new and updated on Gwulo:

The Gwulo book is available again

It's been out of print for the last six weeks, so apologies to everyone who has had to wait for their order. I didn't expect the first 1,000 copies to go out so quickly, and so left it too late to re-order.

The good news is that the second print run was delivered today:

2nd print run of Gwulo books delivered

If you've already ordered, your order has just been mailed out this afternoon.

Or if you've been holding off till the books are available, please go ahead and order a copy of the Gwulo book.

Where have the first 1,000 have gone?

Web / Book stores

  • 75% have been sold via the Gwulo website
  • 25% have gone to local bookstores.

Hong Kong / International

Looking at the books sold via the Gwulo website, the split is

  • 60% to Hong Kong customers
  • 40% to overseas readers.

It's been a lovely surprise to see the first 1,000 head out so quickly, and I'm very pleased to see how much international interest there is in Hong Kong's history. I'll report back on the second 1,000 to let you know if there's any change in how and where they're bought.

Finally, a favour to ask - if you know anyone you think might enjoy the book, please could you send them the link to download the free sample chapters and suggest they take a look:



Looking for information about:

  • Betty Church. She was mentioned in a recent question, and when I listened to an interview about her I found she had led a remarkable life. Can anyone add any more memories & information to her page?
  • Norman Hellevick died on the sea journey taking former Stanley internees from Hong Kong to the UK after liberation. Bob thinks Norman died from diabetic shock. Can anyone confirm?


Memories of:










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Causeway Bay Hill HKEC accommodation
Causeway Bay Hill HKEC accommodation, by Alan Sloan Family Photos


1965 Swimming Pools of Victoria Park in Causeway Bay = 銅鑼灣維多利亞公園游泳池
1965 Swimming Pools of Victoria Park in Causeway Bay , by fong.laikuen1


1956 Oct 26 Quarry Bay School sports
1956 Oct 26 Quarry Bay School sports2.jpg, by Nona


Seven Sisters        16 Feb 1939.jpg
Seven Sisters 16 Feb 1939.jpg, by Peter


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