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Norman HELLEVICK [c.1930-1945]

c.1930-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)
c.1945-10-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

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Olga Robinson (my godmother), also interned in Stanley Camp, was very friendly with Mrs. Hellevick, Norm's mother). I think she was of Russian origin, and her husband was a Norwegian ship's officer, who was probably captured in Hong Kong.

I clearly remember Mrs. Hellevickin whom I met in the Norwegian Club in London, England, after repatriation  from Hong Kong. Apparently she and her son were on the Highland Monarch, where Norm was separated from his mother, and was billetted with the troops in the tween decks, like I was. This meant that he was away from the care of his mother. The reason for this separation was that cabin accommodation was reserved only for women and children 13 years and younger. I turned 14 during passage to the UK on the Highland Monarch, and Norm was a year older than me.

As best as I can recall, and according to my godmother, Norm was diabetic. He survived Stanley Internment Camp because he was under the close care of his mother, and most importantly, there was little or no accessibility to candy and chocolate during the war years, all the sweet things that could be deadly to a diabetic if not controlled. In the tween decks Norm might have been gorged with sweets and candies by well-meaning adults (probably soldiers), and rapidly went into shock and subsequently died from this exposure. I do not have full details of this incident, but well remember corresponding with Mrs. Hellevick in Bergen, Norway, for many years afterwards. All this came from my godmother, Olga Robinson, who is now deceased.

It would be nice if anybody else could verify, or add, to this tragic story.



The passenger list for the Empress of Australia lists the death on board of Normann Alexander Hellevik, Norwegian aged 17, on 13 Sept 1945 cause Diabetic coma. His mother was Catherine born about 1905. According to Barbara Anslow's Diary the ship left HK on 10/11 September, her Mum and sister Mabel were aboard, so it seems he was taken ill very soon after embarkation. Barbara must have been told when she met up with them in Colombo as she mentions it in her diary on 7th October.

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Thanks Nicolla for your information. I was never too sure which repatriation ship Norman was on, but I did get to meet his mother Catherine in London. The rest of the information jives with what I heard from Olga Robinson, who was in Stanley Camp.


Hi Bob

Its very interesting to read this, and I was wondering if you maby have photographs or letters from correspondence with Catherine Hellevik?

Catherine was married to my great grandfather's brother. In our family she just go by the name 'aunt Kate'.

She was born in Russia, her birthname was Ekaterina Tushkanoff.

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Lars-Petter Hellevik