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Missions - early days

I've created this page so we can identify which buildings were used for which mission and the various names used for each. e.g. Berlin and Basel missions were different.


Country Name Properties

Italian Convent


Canossian Daughters of Charity (Canossian Sisters)

Italian Convent IL149

Rose Hill Extention IL148



Société des Missions étrangères de Paris

Missions Etrangers


La Maison de Nazareth RBL 32



Les sœurs de Saint-Paul de Chartre

Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres Order

Asile de la Sainte Enfance

French Convent Compound Wanchai

ML23 & ML 24


- Anglo-French School / French Convent School

- St. Paul's Hospital / French Hospital

- Christ the King (Convent Chapel)

Causeway Bay Compound



- Le Calvaire / French Convent / St. Paul's Primary Catholic School


Happy Valley School

IL 1698

Spanish Mission


Dominican Mission

The Procurator, in Hongkong, for the Dominican Missions in the Far East (Official Corportate Name)


Dominiccan Mission Compound IL 576

-Station Hotel

-Lower Castle Terrace

American Mission


American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission (Congregational)


American Board Mission - Congregational Church


English Mission

London Missionary Society (LMS)

- Church Mission House

- Ying Wa Girls School

- Nethersole Hospital

- Hop Yat Church


LMS Compound Bonham Road IL 590

English Mission

Church Missionary Society (CMS)

- Mission House

- Chapel

- Fairlea School

- St Stephen's Anglican Church

CMS compound - Bonham Road - IL 754

CMS Sanitorium - Mt. Kellett - RBL 25

Berlin Mission


Berlin Foundling Home

Findelhaus Bethesda

Bethesda Orphanage


Bethesda IL 607

Basel Mission




Basel Mission - High Street - IL 629

Tsung Tsin Mission
("Hakka Church")

Kau Yan Church

Rhenish Mission


(Lutheran - reformed)


Rhenish Mission

Chinese Rhenish Church - Bonham Road - IL 1924




The Basel Mission was founded by reformed Protestants in Switzerland in 1815. It's strongest supporters and most of the missionaries came from the lutheran church in Württemberg - Swabia. The protestants in Suebia are basically lutherans with a reformed portion especially in terms of liturgy. Support came also from the united protestant church in Baden. Swabia and Baden are located in south west Germany being neighbours of Switzerland. So the Basel Mission is Swiss (Germanspeaking) and reformed originated. But Basel never took definite sides with one of the protestant denominations, lutheran or reformed or united.

The Rhenish Mission (Rheinische Mission) - German/reformed - commenced it's activities in southern China in 1847. Due to priodic riots in China their missionaries took shelter time and again in Hong Kong at the orphanage Bethesda. Today's Rhenish Church has it's origins in the Rhenish Mission. In 1914 the Rhenish Mission inaugurated their church at 86 Bonham Road. 

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From The foundation of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894 (Xia Qilong 1998 HKU)




Lot 50, Pottinger Street 6 - mission house

Lot 50, Pottinger Street 4 - school

Lot 149, Caine Road 8 - convent

Lot 199, Queen's Road East 139 - shop

Lot 199, St. Francis Street 0 - hospital

Lot 199, St. Francis Street 2 - dwelling house

Lot 199, St. Francis Street 0 - hospital

Lot 349, St. Francis Street 2 - chapel

Lot 833, Battery Road 80 - reformatory

Lot 297, Ship Street 38 - dwelling house

Lot 297, Bach Lane 13 - dwelling house




Lot 119, Staunton Street 6 - mission house

Lot 23, Queen's Road East 34 - orphanage

Lot 24, Queen's Road East 36 - orphanage

Lot 24, Queen's Road East 38 -  orphanage

Lot 358, Caroline Hill - school

Lot 10, Praya Central 15 - dwelling & store




Lot 150, Caine Road 10 - mission house

Lot 635, Second Street 18 - shop

Lot 635, Second Street 20 - shop

Lot 635, Second Street 22 - shop

Lot 635, Second Street 24 - shop

Lot 635, Second Street 26 - shop

Lot 635, Second Street 28 - shop

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 1 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 2 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 3 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 4 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane S - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 6 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Tuk Sing Lane 7 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 1 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 3 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 5 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 7 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 9 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 11 - dwelling house

Lot 635, Third Street 13 - dwelling house

Lot 90, Hollywood Ro4 29 - dwelling house

Lot 110, Hollywood Road 33 - dwelling house

Lot 65, Fraya East 1 - dwelling house

Lot 65, Queen's Road East 32 - dwelling house

Lot 40, Queen's Road East 76 - dwelling house

Lot 309, Jardine Bazaar 7 - shop

From The foundation of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong, 1841-1894 (Xia Qilong 1998 HKU)




1842-1886 Church Wellington St, (Rebuilt in 1860) L. 50

1858-1879 Roman Catholic Seminary, Pottinger Street

1845-1852 Free school for Portuguese, Wellington St.

1860-1865 Chinese school for boys, Wellington St.

1860-1865 English school for boys, Wellington St.

1860-1865 Portuguese school for boys, Wellington St.

1866-1881 St Savior's College, Pottinger St.,

1860-1861 English School for boys. Staunton St.,

1860-1861 Portuguese School for boys, Staunton St.

1880-1896 Free Ragged School, Bridges Street

1887-1896 Free school,Bridges Street, by Sisters of Charity

1894-1896 Sacred Family’s Family Chapel, Bridge St.

1888-1895 Hollywood Road Charitable school

1883-1896 Victoria Portuguese School

1883-1896 Victoria School (Private Schools)




1846- French Convent, asylum for orphans, Queen's Road, ML. 23,23.

1848-1856 Free school in English & French by The Sisters of Charity

1860-1874 School for Chinese girls near Spring Garden

1860-1873 School for Chinese boys near Spring Garden

1874- Free school. Spring Garden

1881- Chapel at the "Asile de la St. Enfane”, Spring Garden

1850-1857 Roman Catholic Seminary, Queen's Road.

1859-1896 St. Francis' Chapel, St Francis's St. on IL No.349 .

1860- Italian Convent schools, asylum for foundlings, orphans and destitute women on Lot 149. (Queen's Road East)

1857-1873 St Francis Hospital IL No.199

1872-1874 School at St. Joseph's Convent, St. Francis St., for Anglo-Portuguese & Chinese

1860-1996 Magdalen Asylum

1875-1881 St Joseph Hospitium, Wanchai Free School

1880- All Souls Chapel at cemetery, Wongneichung Valley.

1847-1890 French Mission House on IL No.119

1852-1865 French Seminary for the Chinese students, Sookunpoo

1866-1870 Seminary, Caroline Hill 1860-1864 Chapel at Sookunpoo

1862-1887 St. Francis College, on iL No. 358 at Sookunpoo

1891- Shaukiwan




1846-1847 Free school at Western District, attached to the chapel

1848-1859 Freeschool in English & Portuguese by Rev P. Girard

1848-1859 Freeschool in Chinese by Chun Ayce

1850-1854 Free school, Taipingshan

1863- Chinese school in West point

1864-1896 Reformatory, West Point on IL No. 833.

1871- St. Lewis' chapel West Point

1878-1893 Sacred Heart Church, West Point

1892- St. Antony's Church, West Point




1873- French Mission Sanitarium on Farm Lot No. 24.

1881- Chapel

1892- Nazareth Printing office.




1860-1896 Spanish Mission House, IL No. 150.

1860-1869 Portuguese, Chinese and English school for girls, Caine Road

1867-1870 Pre-school & Week school, Caine Road

1871-1896 The "Italian Convent" Free School, Caine Road

1881-1896 Our Blessed Lady of Sorrow, Italian Convent, Caine Road

1886- Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Caine Road, IL No.59

1891- French Mission House on IL No.151.

1872- St Joseph's Church, Garden Rd (Destroyed by typhoon in 1874. Rebuilt in 1876

1875-1885 St Joseph's College, Robinson Road, IL 94, under the Christian Brothers




1845- Church in Stanley (temporary)




1860-1889 Church, Aberdeen, on IL No. 1

1860-1865 Chinese school for boys in Aberdeen, by Fr. Stephanus Chu




1891- Yanmati

1890- Holy Infant School

1891- Hunghom School


Very interesting. Thank you. We now know where to place them on one of the maps. Information in the early days in the English language were always for the Church of England and the non-conforming church. I imagine there's a wealth of information in Italian, French in Spanish for the other organizations.