Basel Mission Station - IL 629 [1852-1931]

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The Hong Kong property of the Basel mission had been transferred to the German Missions Trustees in 1919 [to prevent it being siezed by Government as enemy property] but the Tsung Tsin mission, or the "Hakka church," did not gain its independence  [ from the mission] until 1928.

The Basel Mission, situated in Western Street and having an entrance in High Street, was founded in 1847 with the object of educating and training the heathen in many lands for Evangelistic work. It maintains a middle school for general subjects and a higher school for the study of theology. It also supports a girls school mustering some eighty scholars ; the standard of teaching being up to the requirements of the Government Education Department.

Far away about 25 miles north, in the Sun On district this Mission also controls a hospital and a medical staff; and has established throughout the same district 12 Stations for preparing preachers and teachers for work amongst the Hakkas. Besides this the Mission has many branches in India, The Gold Coast, West Africa, and the Cameroons.


Source: The Tourist's Guide to Hong Kong, with short trips to the Mainland of China (1897) by HURLEY, R. C.