1950s photos from military service in Hong Kong

The 1950s saw many British servicemen spend time here in Hong Kong. They had much better access to affordable photography than earlier visitors, so we're lucky to have a good selection of photos from those years:

Nancy Griffiths, Wren, 1949-1952

Nancy served with the Naval Unit of the Hong Kong Defence Force, and was also an accomplished markswoman.

Nancy and friends:

Nancy HKDF


HK Bisley Champ

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Howell Green, RASC, 1952-4

Howell served in the water transport division of the Royal Army Service Corps. To help us understand his photos, he has included extracts from letters he wrote home at the time. Here's a sample from Christmas 1953:

No doubt you will have heard about the tragic fire we have had here…a fire started in a village, Shek Kip Mei just a mile or so north of our camp, comprising of wooden shacks.   Within four hours 10,000 shacks were destroyed and 60,000 Chinese were homeless and during those four hours I was in the middle of it.

1953-4 HK Howell Green

1953-4 HK Howell Green

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Military Intelligence, 1954/5

Pauline has sent in photos that her husband took in Hong Kong when he was stationed here. He was working in Military Intelligence, so there isn't much from work but there are plenty of interesting photos from around town and on his countryside hikes.

Alexandra House under construction:

Last rooftop photo

Victoria Barracks:

Victoria Barracks

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Fred Evans, Tanks, 1957-59

Fred served in tanks in the New Territories, based at Sek Kong and exercising on the tank ranges close to the border with China.

On the tank range:

1950s Fred Evans' photos

New tanks arriving in Hong Kong:

1950s Fred Evans' photos

On leave in town:

1950s Fred Evans' photos

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The RAF are also well represented,

Harry Renton, RAF Police, 1954-5

Harry Renton and Air Dog Darkie:

Cpl Jock Renton and Air Dog Darkie

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Norman Lawson, RAF, 1956

Norman's photos show Cape D'Aguilar Little Sai Wan, and Kai Tak.

Air show at Kai Tak

Norman Lawson's photos, page 21

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Stephen Chadwick, RAF, 1957

Stephen was stationed at RAF Mount Davis.

RAF Mount Davis:

Mount Davis

Kennedy Town: 

Kennedy Town

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Eddie Edwards, RAF, 1958-9

Eddie worked as a rigger on projects that included "Project Cabbage Leaf" on Tai Mo Shan. His photos include views of that project, street scenes, and a collection of namecards from bars and restaurants of the time.

Taking a break from Project Cabbage Leaf:

RAF Tai Mo Shan - Project Cabbage Leaf 1958.

Nathan Road:

Nathan Road Kowloon 1958

Ray's Cafe:

Kowloon  Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs

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Thanks to everyone who has shared their photos with us. If you can add any more, they are always very welcome. Cick here for instructions of how to upload a photo to this website.

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