Des Voeux Road West

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 23:12

Not much traffic

Date picture taken


[Update: Not Kennedy Town at all - see the comments below.]

Thanks for this - we don't have many photos of Kennedy Town at all. I think the bend to the left in the distance is where the road (and tram line) curved to cross Sands Street, and run along Kennedy Town Praya. In 1957 that was still the shoreline.

And not much traffic, but what a variety: cars, trucks & trams with motors, and bicycles, tricycles and rickshaws without.

Regards, David

There are two entities with a large signboard in the photo that I have tried to locate their whereabouts.

The first one is labelled "大興油莊" (Tai Hing Yau Chong) - a distributor of cooking oil (I believe). It still exists today and its location is now on No. 211-213 Des Voeux Road West.

Behind the above signboard is another one labelled "揚光中學" (Yeung Kwong Middle School). I could only locate a primary school called "揚光學校" (Yeung Kwong School) on my Google search and it has already ceased operations with the last address on No. 246 Des Voeux Road West.


The picture was taken on Des Voeux Road West near Centre Street looking West towards Kennedy Town. The tall white building is now the site of Kwan Yick Building phase 3. It can be seen in the below photo towards the lower left of the photo next to the white flat roofed warehouse.

Aerial of Sai Ying Pun 1950s
Aerial of Sai Ying Pun 1950s, by Herostratus