Portal - Aberdeen [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Portal - Aberdeen [????- ]

Current condition: 

The location marked in the map is not exact. This portal is right next to a flight of stairs between Yue Fai Road and Yue Kwong Road. The stairs was not displayed here as it is covered. When you are there you will not miss it, however.


That's my best guess. That network had 11 portals in all, so there should be several more to see in the area.


Hi there,

According to the HKGeology mobile app, this portal is part of the extensive ARP Tunnel network 23.  Before seeing it I never thought this network is that big.  If you have not installed it yet, I strongly suggest you to do so.  Better use a tablet for this one.


ps    Hi David, you might as well stuff my id into the original message as I posted it back in the Batgung days.