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ARP Tunnel Network K5 [????- ]


Thomas noted they'll be affected. I took a look at the EIA document, which confirms it: Disused Air Raid Precaution Tunnel at Valley Road (Tunnel Network K5)
The tunnel network K5 (Figure 4.2.6) is located adjacent to the current route alignment and to the HOM. The proposed construction method for the SCL will consist of drill-&-blast and cut-&-cover methods. Cut-&-cover will be the primary construction method for the HOM (another concurrent Designated Project) adjacent to the tunnel network.

The tunnel network in their present state will create an unsafe working environment for the proposed HOM works site. It has been recommended that portions of the tunnels be filled up by mass concrete prior to the construction phase, as such the tunnels will be directly impacted by the proposed works.

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The whole hillside had been flattened.  The prevously documented portals are all gone (including the one next to the foot bridge) without a trace.  The heavy machines had already dug down to Chatham Road from above.

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