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ARP Tunnel Network 11, Leighton Hill [????- ]

Photos that show this place


Air Raid Shelter under Leighton Hill facing Wong Nei Chong Road where the former Government Quarters used to be. As seen here on Facebook. I see No. 55 on the left side of the entrance.

Good find! It does look like "55", but if it was I'm not sure what it meant. Under the original numbering scheme, portal #55 one of the entrances to the Star Street tunnels: The portals along the back of Wong Nei Chong Road were numbered 100 - 105.

Regards, David

The map on the HKGeology App shows just how extensive this tunnel network is: 

Leighton Hill tunnel layout

I've highlighted the grid of ARP tunnels in red, but also noticed a couple of extra tunnels that I've highlighted in blue. Although it looks as though the red and blue tunnels are connected, I don't think they are. The red tunnels are down at the base of the hill, at street level. I guess the blue tunnels were dug into the top of the hill by the Japanese as part of their preparations to defend Hong Kong against attack.

Thanks to Freddie for introducing the HKGeology maps to us.


HKURBEX Video of this tunnel complex

Just want to know how to get inside the tunnel. Are they all locked up? 

actually this network is the only one that (last time I went) has an entrance not locked up. There is a lane next to number 77 (HSBC) on leighton hill road. Take the lane as it bends around the side of a slope. Keep walking and on your left you will see a heavy door that is NOT LOCKED (unlike most of them) and it just has a string keeping it closed. Open and go inside. Its a huge network.  and make sure to close it up after so the rest of us can also access it