ARP Tunnel Network 18, Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley [????- ]

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The tunnels were cut into the hillside north-east of Happy Valley. Today, Blue Pool road runs across the top of a large section of the tunnels, but I think that road came later. When they were dug it would have been bare hillside here.

Most of the portals exited along the slope behind Hip Wo Lane. The first was #84, on Tsun Yuen Street. The slope is currently undergoing repairs, so it's not clear if there is still any sign of it today.

Portals 85-88 have gone, but #89 is still clear to see. 90 and 92 can't be seen, but #91 is still in relatively good shape.

At a higher level, on the edge of today's Blue Pool road is #93, the only one that still allows access to this network. Then a little further towards the junction with Ventris road was the last of the portals, 94, which can't be seen today.

The map that Sophia photographed shows the layout:

ARP Portal 093, Blue Pool Road, Renovation Map

The letters A - L mark the locations of portals 94 - 84 respectively. The green sections are still passable, but the black sections are not. They have either been removed when the slope has been cut back, or have been filled in as they were unsafe.

From April 21, 1941 Hong Kong Telegraph.

'Work on two vast tunnels in the Happy Valley area is advancing smoothly, rapid progress is being made on the large tunnel extending between Broadwood Rd and Ventris Rd and onto Blue Pool Rd. When this tunnel is completed it is estimated that it will accomodate between 50,000 and 60,000 people.

This tunnel is just in front of Broadwood Rd and will have entrances from Ventris Rd and Blue Pool Rd and several of the minor side streets in the vicinity of the tram terminus area in Wong Nei Chong.'