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Nellie HILLIER (née MIDDLETON) [1909-????]


I am trying to find out more about my aunt Nellie Hillier who was in Stanley 1942-5, but can't find her name in the list of civilians. Her husband Wilfred worked for Jardine's and joined the HK Volunteers. He was killed on 22 Dec 1941.  


Hi Mary,

I received this email from Henry Ching:

Nellie Hillier is listed in Greg Leck’s list of Stanley internees. She is also listed in HKVDC records (as ND 51 Hillier, N.) in the Nursing Detachment.

Her husband was Sgt W.S.Hillier in the ASC Company, HKVDC killed in action on 22nd December – he is buried in the Stanley Military Cemetery.

You might also find these useful:

Please let us know what you discover,

Regards, David

Thank you for the information. I was not sure whether she was a nurse, although the family story was that she had been a nurse in Hong Kong. She was a stenographer when she left the UK. I'm still trying to find where she went after returning to England in December 1945. Her paperwork shows that she did not intend to stay in the UK.

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have just come across your posting re: Nellie who was also my aunt.  I have a fair bit of information about her both pre and post war.

If you wish, email me on barry(stop)alexander(at)orange(stop)net.

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Barry Alexander

Dear Mary,

Nellie's membership of the HKVDC's Nursing Detachment means she was a volunteer nurse, but would have had a different regular job (eg stenographer) during peacetime. You can read more about the HKVDC's Nursing Detachment at:

Dear Barry,

Please could you let us know some basic information about your aunt, eg Dates of birth & death and place of birth? I'll update the main entry above.

If you can also tell us any more about her time in Hong Kong, that will be valuable.

Regards, David

I have a date of birth 21 November 1909 for Nellie Hillier. In the IWM Log of internees she is listed as being billeted in A1/15  (after the Americans were repatriated in June 1942). Her room mates included Tamara Jex who has been referenced in these pages before, Amelia Flemming Gordon who gave evidence at War Crimes Trials regarding the atrocity at St Stephens College Relief Hospital, Virginia Beaumont and Elah Lowe.  Nellie was repatriated on Empress of Australia reaching Liverpool  27th Oct. 1945. Best regards,  Philip Cracknell

Thanks Philip, I've added in the DoB.

Regards, David