Belilios Reformatory [1900-c.1952]

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The Hon. C. P. CHATER―In the absence of the honourable member for the Chamber of Commerce, I beg to ask the questions standing in his name. The questions are:―

(1.) Does the Government, in view of the fact that a large area of recently cut soil is exposed all round the building, consider it safe to send boys into the "Belilios Reformatory" at Causeway Bay at any time within the next two years?
(2.) Will the Government before sending any boys into the Reformatory obtain a detailed medical report as to the sanitary condition of the surroundings of the Reformatory?
The ACTING COLONIAL SECRETARY―In answer to the first point of the question, I have to state it is not the case that a large area of recently cut soil is exposed all round the building. The site on which the Reformatory stands was cut years ago and no soil has been cut to speak of within the last 18 months. In answer to the second part of the question, I have to state that undoubtedly the Government before placing boys in the Reformatory will obtain a medical report as to the fitness of the Institution for their reception. I would like to add, sir, that as far as can be humanly foreseen the site is not likely to be a feverish one, for the buildings occupied by Europeans in the immediate vicinity are free from fever, and moreover I am informed by the architect that the workmen who have been engaged in erecting the building have not suffered from fever, which is a very hopeful sign. It has been generally found that when a building is going to be feverish the workmen engaged on it are subject to fever. 11TH MARCH, 1900.

I'd found some mentions of the Belilios Reformatory building still standing in 1937. That put paid to my St Mary's Church idea, as it was built in 1936! Looking at the photos of the church, the Belilios building is just visible in the background.

I've moved the marker again, to where the Hotung Secondary School is today.

Regards, David