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Part of a collection of pictures made by Jim Watkins (deceased) of Henley In Arden, England while on military service in Hong Kong probably1947.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 30, 1947


The buildings for St. Paul's school along Leighton Road have been demolished in this photo, probably as a result of bombing during WW2.

Here's a comparison view from the 1920s:

1920s Causeway Bay
1920s Causeway Bay, by eternal1966b

Both photos also give a clear view of the nullah on Tung Lo Wan Road that Stott used in his escape from St. Paul's in 1942:

Hi there,

I think I spotted a few more:

1.   Race course fire memorial;

2.   Christ the King Chapel (the big building with the dome);

3.   St. Paul's Convent;

4.   Tung Wah Eastern Hospital;

5.   South China Sports Association Stadium;