10 Dec 1941, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Sid has been wounded.  Bullet through shoulder.  He told Hospital to phone Mum at the Jockey Club  ((we didn't have a phone at home)) and she went to see him.

In afternoon I had a few hours off: went into town; alarm signal  on way, I went into Battery Path tunnel - more orderly than I had expected ((despite large numbers of interested rather than frightened Chinese)), and quite cool.

I left clothes at International Club for Mabel, where met Virginia Beaumont ((VAD friend of Mabel's)) and we got lifts to Bowen Road Military Hospital and I was able to get in to see Sid.  He is very shocked and upset, and didn't look like his old self.  He's worried about the 2 men he had with him - no news of them - they went on ahead when he got entangled in a creeper plant and was sniped.   He says Arthur is at HQ.

Peaceful last night, but 3 raids in afternoon.  News that Japs have sunk 'Prince of Wales' and 'Repulse' by bomb - hard to believe.

Jap seem to be starting well, though here we sunk boats of an attempted landing at Tide Cove.

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