9 Dec 1941, Barbara Anslow's diary

Submitted by Barbara Anslow on Thu, 01/26/2012 - 03:21

2 false alarms, 1 last night and one early this am, and 6 more throughout the morning.  Not much damage, mostly propaganda leaflets dropped, which means I fear that we may expect heavier raids in due course.  Tonight misty.

Mabel is at Women's International Club in town  ((for wartime billet, not far from CSO)).  Olive staying overnight on 4th floor of Gloucester Hotel  ((her Food Control Office nearby)). Olive phoned me and I rang Mabel, she heard there is one Royal Scot in Military Hospital. 

Japs are said to be at Taipo, according to the London news.  Also some Japs were ambushed and mostly annihiliated on Castle Peak Road - where the boys are. Can't properly imagine it.

Wrote to Arthur, though have little hope of his getting the letter, expect they're too busy to see about such things.  Topper called at flat but none of us in.   Mr Bendall also called, and Mr. Hall came home for a few hours.  ((Mr. Hall was a colleague of my Dad's; his wife, evacuated to Australia, had written and asked Mum if he could lodge with us, which he did. We left a writing pad on the table in our flat, so that any one calling while we were out could leave a message.))

Libya and Moscow news brighter.

Singapore/Malaya news not good, and raids at Manila.

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