1954 A Lady & View of the Harbour

Wed, 10/25/2023 - 19:20

The photo was probably sold by a photographer doing his rounds on the Peak. 

Written on the back of photo - January 1954. Probably taken earlier. See comments below and another photo of the lady here

Date picture taken


Looked like pre-1954, circa 1951?

The "new" Alexandra House (2nd gen) was not there yet. Probably under construction so much of the southern facade of York Building could be seen from this angle. 

Fu House next to Bank of Canton Building was not completed. Also there was no clear sign of the 50's reclamation. 

Maybe unrelated to the lady herself, but could the lettering say 'Cut & Co. Ld'? Possibly referring to a tailoring business or barber's shop? (eg there is at least one modern barber in HK going by this name).

zoom in - CJT & CᴼLᴼ , or CJT & CᴰLᴰ

there's likely another letter between & and Cᴰ

Sons, Associates, Partners...

Possible hint: [something] might be able to be abbreviated to a single letter followed by a superscript letter that perhaps might have been thought to be as obvious as Co is for "Company" & Ld is for "Limited".  Since all the other tiles have a single letter (or one followed by a superscript letter) & the tiles in the first & fourth columns have no markings, it seems likely the tile to the left of Co has something on it.

Dunno if it goes back that far, but did have a dig through the CR & couldn't find anything starting with CJ followed by T-something, or Charles followed by J-something then T-something.

Hopefully trying to ascertain the name of a company is one of purposes we're allowed to search the CR for... can't do much of anything unless you know what they're called.