Fanling Babies' Home Brochure

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This brochure was produced (between 1948-50) to send information to supporters of the work and runs to 18 pages.  There are also engaging stories of the children from Miss Dibden's diary.  Dr Harry and Mrs Winifred Lechmere Clift were BCMS missionaries from Nanning, Guangxi province, China.  Dr Clift set up practice in Nathan  Road and opened the Hong Kong Evangelical Fraternity Church and Bookroom there.  It was they who had encouraged Mildred Dibden to start up on her own in Hong Kong in 1936, when she found no backing forthcoming from any UK missionary society.  The Fraternity supported Miss Dibden from when she started up with her first baby in a small 2 bed rented flat in Tsimshatsui up to the time she moved to Fanling in 1940.  The  Bragas were a prominent family of Portuguese origin who had been long term supporters of the Home.  Hugh Braga was an engineer and General Works Manager HK.  Hon Sec Mrs H Braga refers to Norah Bromley, who was a BCMS missionary.  Mildred Dibden herself was a former BCMS missionary.

The founding date November 11th  became the Home Birthday and was celebrated every year. 

SourceThe Yip Family of Amah Rock by Jill Doggett

Date picture taken
1948 (year is approximate)



1.    The Home was opened on November 11th, 1936.

2.    It was sponsored for the first 3 years by the Hong Kong Evangelical Fraternity. (Dr. and Mrs. Lechmere Clift).

3.    Only abandoned, or absolutely homeless children are admitted.

4.    No child over 2 years of age is eligible.

5.    The Home is run on voluntary donations, a yearly Government grant and the subscriptions from children's supporters. To support a child in the Home costs $35.00 a month.

6.    At the beginning of 1940, after many vicissitudes, the Home was established at the present house in Fanling. It was then thought time to break off connections with the Hong Kong Evangelical Fraternity, and to stand alone.

7.    Also in 1940 China’s Children Fund (America) undertook to support 21 children in the Home.

8.    At the outbreak of war in Hong Kong there were 98 infants in the Home. These had been sent in from the Hospitals, Police Stations and by private individuals, or had been left on our doorstep.

9.    During the war the work was carried on, but all the small babies died.

10. At the beginning of 1946 China’s Children Fund undertook the support of 54 children in the Home. (This number increased to 58 in 1948).

11. In May 1946, an Advisory Committee was formed in Hong Kong.

  • President - - - - Dr. Lechmere Clift.
  • Chairman - - - - Mr. Hugh Braga.
  • Hon. Treasurer - - Mr. W. Goon.
  • Members - - - -
    • Rev. E. W. Raetz, China’s Children Fund.
    • Dr. S. C. Wong.
    • Mr. G. Padgett.
  • Hon. Sec. of the Committee - - Mrs. H. Braga.