1931 Miss Lucas with staff and children of the Foundling Home

Sat, 01/21/2023 - 01:23

I think this is a picture of Miss Elizabeth Lucas with the staff and the girls of the BCMS Foundling Home, which has been found to be at 24 Broadwood Road.  Because of ill health Dr and Mrs Lechmere Clift had curtailed their missionary work in Nanning, Guanxi Province, and moved to Hong Kong. Because there was war in China they had brought with them a small number of foundling children they had in their care.  In HK the BCMS took responsibility for them and they were based initially in a mansion at Broadwood Road, and then moved in 1932 or 33 to Taipo.  

I would be grateful if anyone can ascertain the Broadwood Road association from the picture...

Date picture taken
1931 (year is approximate)