1933 BCMS missionaries with Bishop Ronald Hall

Sat, 01/21/2023 - 01:05

Superintendent of the Foundling Home,  24 Broadwood Road, Miss Elizabeth Lucas (2nd row centre) is sitting next to Bishop Ronald Hall on her left. 

Also in the picture are (Back row - L to R) Grace James, Mildred Dibden, unknown man, unknown woman, Barbara LomasNora Bromley (later Braga).

2nd row - L to R : Noel Braga (visitor), Elizabeth Lucas, Ronald Hall.

Front row - L to R:  Unknown woman, Margery Bennett (later Hook)

Lilian Barrett and Lucy Baird are possibly present as well. 

I suspect the location is the Foundling Home in Broadwood Road. It is described as a 'palatial' house in western style, and Broadwood Road would account for the view to the right.  

Thanks to Stuart Braga for help with putting names to faces.

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