Connaught Road Central panorama

Mon, 01/31/2022 - 20:38

On Gwulo we see many photos from the 1950s and 1960s where these building show a “modern” face and are in colour. Didn’t find a photo similar to the one from 1930, so I had to create my own from two photos. These two (1959 Central waterfront and 1960 Central waterfront (western part) from 1959/60) were taken with different directions, so the houses in the centre are too large, and the right angle on the photo doesn’t really exist, but that’s the best what I could do with Photoshop. More or less no change in 30 years (or almost 60 years since they were built). Of course, the advertising signs on the roof tops weren’t there in the old days.

The photo is annotated and the individual houses were grouped together. The grouping of houses used for the creation of places is somewhat arbitrarily but not completely at random. These groups of houses have individual places on Gwulo.

Date picture taken