51-59 Connaught Road Central [c.1905-c.1979]

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Nine houses built on Marine Lot 18, the address was 51-59 Connaught Road Central. Probably built at the same time because the houses further east on reclaimed land, so 1905 was guessed.

To get an impression about the buildings here is a map together with a photo from around 1930.

Connaught Road Houses between the Central Fire Station and the Harbour Office 1930
Connaught Road Houses between the Central Fire Station and the Harbour Office 1930, by Klaus

In 1959/60 they looked like this:

51-59 Connaught Road Central
51-59 Connaught Road Central, by Klaus

First demolished were houses Nos. 54-56 in 1962; on this place Connaught Building [c.1966-c.2008]  (or the name under which it is listed on Emporis: Crocodile House 2) opened around 1966. 

1960s Central Fire Station
1960s Central Fire Station, by moddsey

Next to go were Nos. 57-59 mid 1970s, Ananda Towers (with an all in glass front) opened in 1978.

Last to be demolished were Nos. 51-53 in about 1980, Crocodile House 1 opened in 1982.

Connaught Road from harbour annotated
Connaught Road from harbour annotated, by Andrew Suddaby

On this photo we have :
2  Crocodile House 1 (under construction)
3  Connaught Building (or Crocodile House 2)
4  Ananda Tower (with the all in glass front)


All three Buldings didn’t exist as long as their predecessors, in 2008 all were demolished and replaced by the Agricultural Bank of China Building, 50 Connaught Road (finished 2011).

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