Launch off Cheung Chau

Sat, 11/21/2015 - 17:30

Gwulo Photo ID: A369D

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By looking at the hill, the House appeared on the top and the slope with plantation, I am sure that is the Fa Peng area by the Kwun Yim Wan or the Afternoon Bay as known to many westerners on the CC island. However, in realistic sense, this House is not actually stands on the summit. I t is just near or half way up from it . There could be other one at the summit which is not quite visible due to the line of sight condition.

Today the summit stands the Caritas House.


Hello David,

Nam Tam Wan is the direct coastal water as revealed on the Photo of Laura's Mysterious Rock back in the 1940s. Over there the tidal runs are too rough for any yacht anchor even on a mild weather day. There is why the location can stay wild as original.

The Afternoon Beach is well protected by the Fa Peng Penisula and quite suitable for yacht mooring. This beach is not within the visible field from LMR.

The House on the hill top near the far left is on the highest site of the Fa Peng Penisula, however, that is not the one on the Yacht Photo, because it didn't have plantation area by its western slope.