Wanchai 1870

Mon, 04/19/2021 - 20:34


From the book by William Perry Fogg, published in Cleveland/Ohio in 1872. This photo was not printed but affixed as separate photo (the website refers "Albumen photographs"). Totally unclear why the author chose this one as "typical Hong Kong". The date should be 1870 or even older.

It shows early Wanchai with shipyards and the Blue Buildings to the right. The 1,000 foot pier has not been built yet, so 1870 or 1871 would be a good estimate. 

Very similar to this one, but not the same:

Early Waterfront.jpg
Early Waterfront.jpg, by danielwettling

Possibly Early Waterfront is a bit older as the larger building after the bend has scaffoldings around it. 

Date picture taken
1870 (year is approximate)