The Cottage [c.1901-????]

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This house appears on the 1909 peak map as well as on the 1924 peak map. Construction date estimated to c. 1901 according to gw's comment.

It was either modified or built completely new to become Villa Blanca, possibly after 1945. At least the roofs of The Cottage and Villa Blanca are different.

Photos that show this Place


The 1924 map at tells us The Cottage sat on RBL 97.

RBL 97 was put up for Government auction on 8th May 1899 with a requirement for the buyer to build a substantial building within 1 1/2 years (Government Notification 249/1899).

The Peak Renumbering Exercise of 1904 lists "The Cottage" with the address of 126 Barker Road.

Therefore, construction was at sometime between 1899 and 1904.