Kowloon Hospital [1925- ]

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“The new Kowloon Hospital, situated on the new road from Mongkok to Kowloon City, is to be opened in about six weeks’ time”

Source:  The China Mail, page 8, 13th October 1925


Or not...



The Hon. Secretary was instructed to write to the Government respectfully requesting to be informed of the date of the opening of this Hospital”

Source: Hong Kong Daily Press, page 5, 17th December 1925


Looks like it's to be Monday 21st December 1925...

Source: The Hong Kong Telegraph, page 1, 18th December 1925 and Hong Kong Daily Press, page 5, 19th December 1925


Note: Charges per day on the ward:

First Class ward: $8

Second Class ward: $5

Third Class ward and Asiatic Ward: 50 cents

I had eight stitches put in my face after having been bitten by my Uncle Chuckie's Chow dog at the top of Lantau  in about 1956 or 57. We had to get chair lifted down to Tai O then taken on Brooke Bernacchi's motorboat to a pier at Castle Peak to then be taken by ambulance to Kowloon Hospital arriving there at about 1am. I had eight stitches put into the punctures on my cheek. We then had to get a Walla Walla across the harbour to go to my uncles apartment above Gilman Motors garage in Wanchai getting there about 4am. The outbuilding I was stitched up in was still there the last time I was in HK in 2012. Years later I learned that I had been supposed to go back to the hospital to have the anti rabies injections which wer administered straight into the stomach but I never did. I have virtually no marks on my face where the stitches were placed nor any scaringsuch was the skill of the doctor who did that work.