1931 Johnston Road

Mon, 12/18/2017 - 16:21

Post Praya East Reclamation. Note the pawn shop - today's "The Pawn" Restaurant.

Date picture taken
Shows street


David - Good catch.

A follow-up. Had a trawl through the licensing sessions at HKGRO. The Yamakawas operated an establishment at 47 Praya East from 1917. The name of the establishment is not mentioned. It was later known as the Yamakawa Hotel from 1920 and located at the same address.

With the completion of the Praya East Reclamation and changing of the road names in Wanchai in 1930, the address given for the Yamakawa Hotel was 70 Johnston Road.

In 1933, the Yamakawa Hotel was re-located to the ground floors at 62-63 Gloucester Road. In 1936, the hotel at the same address was renamed the Nagasaki Joe Hotel.

David had mentioned previously - There's a short piece from the St Petersburg Times dated 27 Dec 1942, but referring to a visit to 'Nagasaki Joe's in Hong Kong' in 1927. So  guessing that even when the formal name was 'Yamakawa Hotel', the man and the bar / restaurant were already known as Nagasaki Joe('s).

If one can match up 47 Praya East/70 Johnston Road with the pillar in the photo or the address of the Woo Cheong Pawn Shop from the 1930s, there appears to be a possbility of a connection.