Stanley Camp

Thu, 02/02/2017 - 16:12
Date picture taken


Here's my attempt to identify the buildings in the photo. Please leave a comment below if you have any corrections or additions.

  • a - The Prison Officers Club, also referred to in the camp as The American Club.
  • b & c - I believe this was one of the buildings used as accommodation for the internees. Note the extensive damage at "c". Was that from the fighting in 1941, or later bomb damage?
  • d - The Bowling Green in front of the Prison Officers Club.
  • e - Internees called this the "Dutch Block".
  • f - St Stephen's College, main buildings.
  • g - St Stephen's College, Martin Hostel.
  • h - The Mosque, built for the Indian warders at the prison.
  • i - Maryknoll. I don't think we'd see it from this location today. When this photo was taken the hills were bare of buildings or foliage.
  • j - The gap that the road from Repulse Bay comes through.
  • k - The Godowns where food was stored, and where internees managed to steal food from in the early days of camp. See how close it was to the fence (m).
  • l - The Indian Quarters.
  • m - The fence that marked the boundary of the camp,