Royal Naval Hospital Mt Kellet

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:18
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This is one of Doug's over on FLICKR.

My question is: when was the top of Mt Kellet chopped off? It's quite pointy on this 1954 picture, but these days the top is discernably flatter. Any idea why or when it was done?

Buildings from L to R.

Homestead Flats.

Homestead Houses.

Peak Pavilions Government Quarters, the high-rise apartment block.

War Memorial Nursing Home

Unsure then until...

Lucina, white house directly below the peak of Mt Kellett.

173 & 174 The Peak, one semi-detached building, white colour, directly below Lucina.

175 Mount Kellett Road, brown building, just to the right of 173 & 174.

Kellett Crest, seen in part where the ridge of Mount Kellett reaches the right side of the pic.