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71 Mount Kellett Road (previously '174, The Peak') [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

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This building was the home of the General Manager of British General Electric Corporation (BGEC) since the 1950’s and probably before that. My father was GM until 1963 and then a couple of others took over before the house was sold to a Chinese businessman - I assume it was he who sold it to the developer who subsequently tore it down.  It was still there in the early 1990’s and each time I return to HK I go up there on a little memory lane trip!


My parents began living there in 1969 when my father, John Weedon, became the Managing Director of GEC 'til the late 70s/early 80s.

Whilst there we had the cook, Ching (who emigrated to Canada and recently died aged 101) who was married to Ah Yeun and there was the driver Ah Fong.

I loved that house and was saddened to learn it was demolished to make way for aesthetically inferior houses.  I plan to visit The Peak late 2020.


Richard Weedon


Thank you for your comment - I was amazed to hear that Ching emigrated to Canada and died at 101.  Ah Yuen was with us as well and her three children (Ah Peng, Ah Nui and Sau Jung) were friends of mine and we often played together.  I heard that one of them became a doctor and they had an apartment at Pokfulam but that was years ago.  Ah Fung was also a member of our "family".  He had a beautiful wife and  lots of children!  I have photos of them all and when I went to boarding school in England (1958-62) they used to write to me regularly.  I went to the house in 1993 and Ching was still there.  I also have lots of photos of the interior of the house.  Would love to see yours.  I go back to HK fairly regularly as I consider it "home" (I went there at the age of 1 and ended up at HK Uni ). Last visit was September this year and we witnessed a demonstration which was sad. You could email me privately if you want.






My email address is richweedon58@gmail.com.

Spoke to my Mum and my father's predecessor at the house was someome called Moray Sutor (I think that's the correct spelling).  I'll have to dig out those photos.