Homestead Flats & House Nos. 150-156 The Peak. [1923-????]

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The govenment commissioned "Little, Adams and Woods" five detached, one block of semi-detached houses, and a three storey block of six flats

Homestead Flats & House Nos. 150-156 The Peak.

The houses were sold in about 1985 The flats were sold in about 2002

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I've set the completion date to 1923, based on this entry in the PWD Annual Report for that year:

94. Offices' Quarters: -

Homestead Site Houses. – This work, which is being executed by Messrs Little, Adams and Wood, was referred to in paragraph 86 of last year's report.

The work proceeded satisfactorily during the year, three of the houses being completed in July, another in September, and the block of flats towards the end of November. The pair of semi-detached houses, which formed a separate contract, were well advanced by the end of December, the roof having been laid, and the work on the internal joinery and floors being in progress.