View Looking east from Upper Woodlands Terrace in Mid-Levels

Sun, 08/21/2016 - 15:53

Photo was taken mid 1870's from upper Woodlands Terrace

aa Boulder Lodge
ab Union Church 2nd Generation
ac Unknown building(s) on north side of Hollywood road between Pottinger and Cochrane Streets
ad Catholic Cathedral 1st Generation
ae Hotel D'Europe/Government Civil Hospital

ae (2)  House on east side of Peel Street between Elgin & Caine
af Stable on North Side of Caine Road roughly where Corona Tower entrance is today.
ag Alexander Terrace
ah The lowest building of the three Mosque Terraces
ai Unknown building on North Side of Caine Road where Feng Fong building is today
aj Married Inspectors Quarters
ak Barracks Blocks Central Police Station
al Club Lusitano on Shelly Street
am Victoira Gaol
an Kingsclere
ao 8 Chancery Lane
ap 5 Chancery Lane
aq Buxley Lodge (2nd Generation)

ar Government House
as St John's Cathedral
at City Hall
au 1,000 foot pier in Wanchai
av Victoria Swimming Baths
aw East Point
ax Kellett Island
ay Building on North side of Lyndhurst Terrace 
az Buildings on East side of Cochrane Street

Date picture taken