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Barracks Block, Central Police Station [1864- ]

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Next year will be it's 150th birthday!

The EPD report notes that in 1862:

Plans for the construction of a Barracks Block and Officers Quarters on the Central Police Station site are approved. Construction is complete 2 years later. The architect for the design is unknown, though Charles St. George Cleverly – then Surveyor of Hong Kong – probably had a great deal of input.

When it was completed in 1864, the building had three floors (ground / first / second). Later, another floor was added to make a total of four. That extension work was finished in 1906.

Photos that show this place


Moddsey has found this photo, showing the Barracks Block with three floors:

I've seen other copies of the same photo, but they're not as high-resolution as this one.

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