Peak Tram, upper terminus

Mon, 06/27/2016 - 20:42

Postcard with text printed on the back:

Published by M. Sternberg, Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer at No. 51 Queen's Road Central and at No. 34 Queen's Road Central, Hongkong.

Date picture taken


There is another image on Gwulo dated to about 1910:

Peak Tram - Barker Road without a pavillion
Peak Tram - Barker Road without a pavillion, by annelisec

If you compare both images, they are based on the same photo but still are different. The Sternberg postcard seems to be the (original) photo, whereas this one is hand coloured.

On both images retaining (concrete) walls uphill on Barker Road near the tram station can be seen (see