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Mount Austin Hotel [1891-1897]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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Some dates:

  • 1888: Prospectus published for 'The Austin Arms Hotel', stating they would
     - buy the site of the 'Austin Arms', and  build and keep a large 'First Class Residential Hotel' on it
     - buy another section of land on the Peak and build & let a terrace of 11 houses there. (They'd be known as 'Mountain Peak')
     - Architects are Messrs Danby & Leigh.
  • 1891: The last page of shows Danby & Leigh's plan for The Austin Arms Hotel, and dates it 1891.
  • 189?: The map on Annelise's site shows the building is a simple L-shape, as shown in the architect's drawing.
  • 1892, April 2: An EGM of The Austin Arms Hotel company is held. It reports income from the hotel (so it's obviously open for business), but also notes a loss of capital, and says Mountain View must be sold to avoid further expenditure. It also suggests Findlay Smith bore some of the blame for these problems.
  • 1892, April 4: Findlay Smith writes a letter to the newspaper to state his side of the story.
  • 1895: The revised 'Collinson' map of this year shows the same L-shaped building, but names it 'Mt. Austin Hotel'. Was there a change of ownership to match the change of name?
  • 1897: The HK Public library notes say it was sold to the Military Authorities in this year.

We've got a disagreement on the date of sale to the government. Annelise, have you been able to find a firm answer to that?

Hong Kong Telegraph, 29 May 1897

"the Military Authorities ... have purchased the Mount Austin Hotel from Messrs. J. D. Humphreys and sons for £ 30,000 pounds sterling."