Star Ferry piers Central

Fri, 09/18/2015 - 04:07

This area of Central was possibly the busiest.  The Law Court building and the two banks are immediately behind the Star Ferry clock tower, then we have the Mandarin hotel and the General Post Office on the waterfront. Immediately to the right of the Furama hotel is the Cable and Wireless building.

In April 1958 I wanted to send a telegram to England on the occasion of a family wedding.  The day before the wedding I made the long 'gharry' ride via the Cape Collinson, Shek O and Tai Tam roads from Little Sai Wan to Causeway Bay, then a tram ride to Central and a walk to this Cable and Wireless office - and then back again.  If only mobile phones and the Internet had been invented!  The telegram arrived just in time.

Date picture taken
30 Jul 1981