Jardine House (was 'Connaught Centre') [1973- ]

Submitted by David on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 23:05
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Originally this building was named 'Connaught Centre'.

Completed in 1973, see comments below.

Photos that show this Place


I know Emporis (and wiki) claim a 1972 completion date, but it's quite obvious from photos and film that this place was still undergoing construction in 1973.

Is it true, as a Hong Kong friend once told me, that the colloquial Cantonese name for Jardine House was "the building of a thousand arseholes"?

That's what I heard it called by many, as the "house of thousand ...."  Obviously it refers to the circular shape of the windows, but it could well refer to its tenants.  But it actually has many more than a thousand windows.  There are 1,748, I believe.