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Furama Hotel [1973-2001]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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1, Connaught Road.

Can anyone confirm the opening date for the Furama? The Emporis website says 1977. But the left edge of this photo dated 1972 shows the building almost finished, so it seems unlikely it would have sat empty for 4-5 years. [12 Oct update: opening date set to 1973].

Wikipedia says it "closed in November, and was demolished in December 2001."


Photos that show this place


The hotel was completed and opened in 1973.  I found it at the Chinese wikipedia page and tngan also pointed this out. 

I verified the wikipedia source and it appears accurate because I found an interview with a member of the Fu family that built and operated the Furama.  The 1973 opening date is mentioned near the end of the article.


Alastair, thanks for fixing the date (and T, sorry for missing your mention of it).

Regards, David

I asked Emporis to amend the opening date to 1973. They did today.