Sun, 05/17/2015 - 12:23

Part of a collection of pictures made by Jim Watkins (deceased) of Henley In Arden, England while on military service in Hong Kong probably1947.

Date picture taken
30 Jun 1947


Great shot looking towards the crossing runways at Kai Tak and Customs Pass. Kadoorie Hill, Kowloon Hospital, St. Teresa's Church, La Salle College and Central British School (KGV) can also be seen.

On the bottom right of the photo, there are 5 identical buildings and counting from the right of the photo, my house is the one that is the 5th one from the right and then there is a lane which leads up to Kowloon Hospital by steps.- you can see these steps at the back of my house (my family lived on the first floor)  the road going across the photo and the houses are facing us = Waterloo Road

102 Waterloo Road and it is still there today - the last one of the 5 identical buildings.