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102 Waterloo Road [????- ]

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File2302.jpg, by Jim Watkins

Notes from Fernanda Ho:

On the bottom right of the photo, there are 5 identical buildings and counting from the right of the photo, my house is the one that is the 5th one from the right and then there is a lane which leads up to Kowloon Hospital by steps.- you can see these steps at the back of my house (my family lived on the first floor)  the road going across the photo and the houses are facing us = Waterloo Road

102 Waterloo Road and it is still there today - the last one of the 5 identical buildings

Here's the building in Google Streetview:


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I remember those five apartment homes  as I had a friend who lived in one of them.  They were very spacious as I recall. Interesting that one of these still remains.

I also remember the row of houses that were on Prince Edward Road, long replaced by apartments. These were located down the road from St. Teresa's Church heading away from Waterloo Road. 

members of my family lived here on the ground floor