1930s Prince Edward Road, near Kowloon City

Sat, 10/11/2014 - 19:29

[UPDATE Dec 2018: The location has been identified in the comments below.]

Does anyone recognise this?

It's a very wide road, maybe Nathan Road?

The building on the far left is a distinctive design, different from the other shophouses we can see.

And the building we can see across the junction has an unusual shallow dome on the roof, which might trigger someone's memory?

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Lai Chi Kok Road was (and still is) just as wide, but I really have no idea where was it.  I'm way to young to know about these.  A small fraction of the Chinese words are still readable but not all of them.  Most are either the name of the business or advertisements, but it's not much. 

The photo also showed a street sign, but it was too small to tell anything.

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Thanks Peter, good to have this one identified. Looking at the map below, I guess that the flying saucer building was on the corner of Tak Ku Ling Road and Prince Edward Rd. Though I think the map below was a planned layout, and the actual layout was slightly different, as this block of buildings in the photo looks wider than the next two blocks along Prince Edward Rd. I'll update this if a later map becomes available.

1930s Kowloon City Street Map
1930s Kowloon City Street Map, by moddsey

Greetings.  One Time I toured the street and came upon that building on the far left with a distinctive design.  Like many other photos, this is another walk down memory lane.   I don't know which came first, it or the ajacent shophouses, likely the latter.
That dome structure, I believe, was not on a roof top.  It would not have functioned well as a shelter to keep wind and rain out.  It looks massive, hence costly to build and would have to be anchored well to withstand typhoon.  Could it be a part of the factory?    https://gwulo.com/atom/30363 - the tall object on the left of this photo, a bit up the bend and to the right,  seems to show the same structure.  Ditto for that long vertical pipe (chimney?)  Regards,   Peter