1940s Boats Alongside Praya Central

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:47

Boats alongside Praya Central, The Hong Kong Club and Butterfield and Swire Building can be seen.

Source: This image came from Flickr, see https://flickr.com/photo.gne?id=10172345215

Date picture taken


It's not 1934, the  cars in the background are 1940s.
from right to left; the Hong Kong Club,
a gap where a building has been demolished (is that the extension to the Hong Kong club?), another building, both of which were demolished for Mercury House (1950)
and the Butterfield and Swire Building,
Queen's Building isn't visible 

Yes, the 3 story building on the end is the B&S building,
I haven't found a name for the building next to it, but it wasn't demolished until years later. (got that one wrong).
The gap is for Mercury House, which opened in 1950, and the extension for the Hong Kong club is behind it on Chater Road.

Agree, from the vehicles, much  more likely 1940s.

An intersting vignette. The boat seems to be an RN whaler, rowed entirely by naval officers in formal rig. This sort of thing is done when Admirals hand over command and are rowed ashore, and possibly at service weddings . I am puzzled by what looks like a large English flag (St. George's) at the bow, and the lack of White Ensign at the stern (mandatory for a naval boat underway in  foreign port)