Hong Kong Club Building (2nd Generation) [1897-1981]

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The club moved here from their previous building on Queen's Road.

Notes from Wikipedia:

  • The club building was designed by Palmer & Turner, and was completed in July 1897.
  • The Victorian building was demolished in June 1981.

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The Hong kong Club, situated on the New Praya, overlooking the harbour to the North, and the Cricket Ground to the South, is a magnificent edifice of five stories. It is designed in the later Italian style of Architecture, surmounted by three lightly constructed  cupolas, which contribute to relieve the proportions of the  main building, at the same time producing a very pretty and finished effect. Perfect in its arrangements, it provides every accommodation and amusement that can possibly be conceived as necessary or desirable in such an institution.


Source: The Tourist's Guide to Hong Kong, with short trips to the Mainland of China … (1897) by HURLEY, R. C.