View from Shamrock Kowloon

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 20:56

You'll want to click through to Flickr for the original-size version of this - there's lots to see.

In the distance are the black, circular oil tanks, with breakwater beyond that. It looks as though there is a landing craft passing by, a little distance out to sea.

Right from that is the Jordan Road ferry terminal, with lots of buses parked outside it.

In front of the buses are more oil tanks, and in front of that is the little pavilion with green & red roof that stands in the King George V park. At least it's in a park today - in this view its surroundings look rather bleak.

Down and right from that is the large pitched roof of the Liberty Theatre cinema - thanks to HK Man for identifying that. Across Jordan Road from the theatre we can see the black pitched rooftops of the Gas Works.

All seen from the roof of the Shamrock Hotel.

Date picture taken
28 Dec 1953


I'm living now on the 2nd floor of the Tong Lau you can see on the left side (junction of temple street and bowring street). Quite touching to see my home 60 years ago...